adam jackson

drums. percussion. vocals.

At the age of three, Adam picked up a pair of sticks, sat behind the kit and started playing.

Studying at News School University, majoring in musical performance, Adam has built on this foundation for the last decade, securing diverse engagements on tour and in the studio.

He has carved out a career playing for some of the world's most prolific artists across stages and continents. 

In addition to drums and percussion, Adam is equally comfortable signing. His backing vocals, and solo performances are a welcomed addition to many of the artists he plays for.

Artists Adam Is Currently Working With:

Robin McKelle, Bilal, Takuya Kuroda, Giada Valenti


Artists Adam Has Worked With:

Ciara, Laura Izibor, Jose James, Emily King,  YaZarah, Viktor Kiraly, Dessi Di Lauro, Kennedy Administration, Jamie Woods, Jake Sherman, Terry Slingbaum, Revive Big Band, Ezra Brown, Brenda Nicole Moore, Ondrej Pivec, Jay White, Shareef Clayton, NIA, JUJU, Destiny’s Child, Emily King, Gideon Luke and The People, Alan Prater, Jesse Boykins III, “Memphis” The Musical, Grace Weber, Cristina Taddanio, Orly, Danni Elliot, Zack Borer, The Hipstones Curtis MacDonald, Susan Justice, Laza Morgan, Melo X, Sophia Nicole, Kimberly Nicole, Andre Henry, Vickie Natale, Wayna, Mara Hruby, Leonard Friend, Billy Harper